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The Petz Carlton is a doggy "day care" and training center located in St. Joseph, MI near Harbor Country attractions.

For you we offer easy access to Southwest Michigan's best beaches, shopping, nearby breweries and wineries.  For your dog, we offer a great staff, constant care, and excellent facilities.
Petzcarlton Doggie Recess
At The Petz Carlton, your dog gets constant care.  Your dog gets running exercise in a large, open back yard every two hours to keep them mentally and physically fit.  Your dog comes back to you fit, fed and ready to be a polite part of your family.


PetzCarlton Testimonial


"Izzy and Charlie LOVE doggie daycare days! They wait patiently at the front door and listen for Miss Helen to whistle, so they can bolt outside and jump into the PetzCarlton van! Everyone loves doggie daycare, especially me! "  Marcia F. izzy and charlie
"Even for a one night stay, Andy is enthusiastic and happy to greet his doggie friends at Helen's.  He gets to run and play often.  The care is perfect, day and overnight.  We enjoy the home delivery a lot.  What service"  Annie and Bob
"Bella arrives at Petz Carlton super excited and comes home tired and happy. She has such a great time. I'm very pleased to have found such a great facility and a business owner I can trust. Helen and her dogs are part of the family. Peace of Mind and a Happy Dog are good things! "  Dawn Marie bella at petzcarlton
"Our eight-year old Weimaraner loves Helen and her four-legged friends. He has been going to The Petz Carlton for almost five years and never have I had a dog that gets so excited to go somewhere! We can be a few miles away and he knows exactly where he's going.   When we return, he's always better disciplined and has so much more muscle tone from all of that running with his friends! As dog lovers who would not consider leaving our dog behind in a city kennel, we highly recommend Helen and everything that the Petz Carlton has to offer! "  Lori N. charlie at PetzCarlton

"Well what's in a name? Sometimes it's an exact description of what is named. This is the case for the Petz Carlton, a haven for dogs whether it be for a half day of day care or a week or two of boarding. Helen has a real heart for dogs and they always come home happier than when the got there. It is also a place where romances are born. This is the case for our little "doodle" Noah who has met the love of his life during doggie day care. Yes Noah and Mia have a special relationship that is truly fun to watch...particularily since Noah is 30 pounds and Mia is close to 100!!"   Steve B.

Noah at PetzCarlton
"When Buddy comes home from the Petz Carlton there is a gleam in his eye. He is so happy to be there and looks so healthy when he arrives home! Most importantly, we know he is safe and in the best care! He's a rescue dog and had a rough first couple of years. He never worries about being away from us when he's at the Petz Carlton!" "We never say he's being boarded. Instead we say he's off on his vacation!"  Laurie K. Buddy at The PetzCarlton
"Our two dogs Baby Girl (lab) and King Caffrey(beagle) love spending time at the "Petz Carlton".  They get tons of exercise and play time with their doggy friends. I love it because when they come home they are EXAUSTED!!!! I cant live without doggy day care."  MBVihon Cafrey at The PetzCarlton
Recess in our well-lit, double fenced, 3/4 acre playground is always a highlight for our guests....